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Course of actions

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  • Lobbying for the implementation and promotion of implementation of the Law on Consumer Protection in Republic of Serbia, as well as other documents issued under that Act;
  • A commitment to improve consumer protectio embedded in the National Programme of Consumer Protection in Republic of Serbia;
  • Informing  of its members about their rights and obligations;
  • Informing its members on developments in the market;
  • Keeping records of complaints received and actions taken to solve them;
  • Ocurrence in the public media in accordance with the authorizations of their members, to protect consumers;
  • To promote its work through discussions, lectures and other meetings on the non-profit basis;
  • A commitment of CEPS to participation in discussion of parliamentary committees to improve the position of consumers;
  • Publishing a list of unfair companies and dealers, who are damaging to consumers by distributing  products potentially harmful to the health and safety of consumers;
  • Constant cooperation with relevant local authorities;
  • Collaboration with professional organizations at home and abroad who support the work of CEPS;
  • Collaboration with professional organizations at home and abroad in dealing with the protection of consumers;
  • Publishing of journals and other professional publications that contribute to the achievement of its content objectives of action CEPS.
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